Boost her sex drive
and bring sex back to your life


New version of the Spanish Fly

The original Spanish Fly was already known in Roman times as the best way to increase a woman’s appetite for sex and enhance her libido instantaneously. The only problem was, that even with the correct usage there were serious side effects in some cases – for example: pain and redness of the vagina, pain during urinating, etc.

The new Spanish Fly Pro is a 100% herbal product, which has the same effects as the original Spanish fly, but with none of these negative side effects.

Simply put, it is a new and improved version of the Spanish Fly.

100% Herbal & Safe

Spanish Fly Pro is a 100% herbal product that meets all the requirements of the monograph set out by the FDA in the USA and is licensed by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) in the Europe — that means that this product is safe even for daily use and in its tasting, there did not appear any negative side effects.

In fact, on the contrary, there was just an amazing appetite for a sex in the case of the women testing this product!


Works at any age and and for everyone
– for women and men, too!

Spanish Fly Pro were tested by 23 couples for two weeks, with every participant filling out an anonymous questionnaire afterwards.

91.3% of couples stated that the female partner experienced an increase in libido, and 86.9% of female participants stated that the intercourse itself was more pleasant. Even women, who have never had an orgasm, thanks to the Spanish Fly Pro they were able to enjoy it during each sexual encounter – and often have multiple orgasms.


No side effects

No negative side effects were found when using the product within the recommended dosage stated on the label. The only side effect that was observed was a slight drowsiness, which manifested only after taking a dose five times the recommended dosage.

You really do not need to worry anymore, as you had to do in the case of using the old Spanish Fly – because the Spanish Fly Pro are really safe for everyone.


Works in 5 minutes

The Spanish Fly Pro have no strong taste  and you can combine them with any drink – just add 5 drops of the Spanish Fly Pro to wine, coffee or even to an ordinary glass of water and leave everything else to this wonderful product.

The effect comes after about 5 minutes – to bring an increase in a woman’s appetite for sex, libido and sex drive.


Beware of cheap imitation!

As well as other quality products, also in the case of the Spanish Fly Pro you can find some cheap imitations on the Internet.

Beware of them, as their appearance is similar to the original Spanish Fly Pro, but their composition is different — that is the reason, why they may not work and they may even be dangerous for you and your girlfriend!


Made in Europe

Our original Spanish Fly Pro are made in Europe. The exact workflows and strict rules are in effect when they are made — even thanks to this fact, the Spanish Fly Pro are licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the Europe and you can count on their quality.


Discrete packaging and anonymous shipping

We understand, that the purchase of similar products is just between you and your girlfriend and your neighbors or a postman might not know about it.

So because of that, we send the Spanish Fly Pro packed in classic envelopes, without any product labeling, so you do not need to worry about that.


Express Worldwide shipping

Thanks to the fact, that our company has storage in Europe and also in US, we are able to process and send you your order of the Spanish Fly Pro within 24 hours

— in the following days you can expect your order to arrive at your home.



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